FEATURE: Revisiting the Gloriously Weird Games of Australia’s Golden Age // Kill Screen

Of all the gaming publications out, I read IGN for the comments and my own articles and Kill Screen for the articles and my own articles. Article. There’s been like one, and it’s this one. Who knew Australia did anything other than sell postcards with titties and beer on them in the ’80s, much more or less made games this catastrophically fucking strange? The ’80s, yes. The formerly worst but now best decade ever because without it we’d never have synthwave in the late 2Ks and that, friends, acquaintances and people I barely tolerate because I’m getting older and sleepy, is the greatest ouroboros that music ever pulled.

I’m really into synthwave. I’d cheekily wrist it until it complained its orgasm was more pain than pleasure. Anywhere here’s this shit I did where I talked to needlessly verbose academics about old-ass games. Academics, man, I mean ‘impenetrable onslaught of semi-colons’ doesn’t equal ‘progressively smart’. This is why your funding is leaving you for that gender neutral pronoun your funding told you not to worry about.


Bye seeya.



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