INTERVIEW: The Woman Who Owns The Sun Is Using Her Powers For Good // VICE

56-year-old Angeles Duran legally owns the sun. Yes, the whole thing. It’s hers, and it provides her with quite the solar-powered income stream. I know, left? I was skeptical at first too – but a little Spanish lady from a little Spanish village does not upgrade those living conditions to ‘big’ and ‘Italian’ and ‘villa’ by sheer force of inglorious day labour alone.

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 4.57.36 pm

Not only did she take the small matter of source-of-all-life ownership to court and win, she was, until June last year, happily selling plots of ‘solar land’ on eBay the same way her lunar progenitor, Dennis Hope, continues to sell moon pie or whatever the fuck to wealthy sci-fi enthusiasts.

What a time to be alive.




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