INTERVIEW: White Supremacist’s Genocidal Paranoia: Inside the mind of the White Man March Founder // Salon

Sparring with White Man March founder Kyle Hunt was a watershed moment for me. It marked the exact moment my journalism matured away from living at home with mother. I learned a lot from this. This was not perfect journalism, not by any means. Even though Kyle was subsequently shamed into quitting his involvement in the racist initiative partially because of this article, this was, as his sympathisers loudly declared, somewhat of a takedown and not nearly as grey as I very strongly feel my profession demands. It is always: Understand your fellow who-man.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 4.35.58 pm
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I have my excuses. For the longest time, racism had been something I attacked on sight and so aggressively it would startle people who agreed with me. I did some growing up as a white minority in a poor black country that was only ever beautiful to me. I visited South Africa as a boy at the tail-end of apartheid. That explains this, but this was a Pyrrhic victory at best. A triumph and a lesson. I went away for a while after this to work on myself and came back almost completely incapable of having an opinion on anything. This annoys my friends, though the sudden blinding realisation that to attack is to cause defense and thus transform the discussion into an argument and create sides is something I feel should be taught in schools from day dot.

If we all fight, we all die.



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