INTERVIEW: The Black Dahlia Murder’s Brian Eschbach // Blunt

I’d spent the morning talking to (now former) Arch Enemy vocalist Angela Gossow about her patented ganja breakfast drink, which she’d just eaten, glass and everything, and was totally fucking high. In the afternoon I buzzed The Black Dahlia Murder guitarist Brian Eschbach and I swear, this is not some convenient hallucination I had, when he answered, weed smoke puffed from the receiver and spelled out “Hey-low?” like he was The Caterpillar from Alice In Wonderland. Eyeing off the only clock in my apartment, it winked 4:20 at me and had been all day.

After a while Brian actually had to ask me what was going on and why.


Black Dahl 1
I don’t know.
Black Dahl 2
I never know.


(Many huge thanks to Blunt editor Emily Swanson for tracking this stuff down for me. Check out her digs, she’s such a cool person and scribe).








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