EDITORIAL: Final Fantasy X’s War On Organised Religion // IGN

First thing’s worst: I don’t review entertaining things and stuff anymore, hey. I sort of decided it wasn’t up to me to quantify art like that. Who am I to tell anyone What’s good? Go have fun with what ya like. Life’s short, babe. In rejecting this model, though, I discovered a whole new way of looking at games, which I totally love and have an entire wall full of and sometimes when someone new is in my bedroom I worry. That said, I replayed Final Fantasy X when it came out in HD remake pog form rather than have healthy intercourse for a few weeks circa early ’14. Experiencing it as an occasionally mindful adult, I realised, is a whole lot different than experiencing it as the moist adolescent I was the first time around.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 3.51.55 pm

This piece was summarily hailed as “The first decent article IGN has written in years” by ancient repository of knowledge and brutal opinion, GameFAQs, which likely made Lucy O’Brien super mad for about two seconds before she found the wine (hi Luce I’m better than you, did you hear).




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