INTERVIEW: Kevin ‘Hercules’ Sorbo on, uh, US politics // VICE

America has lost its fucking mind over the presidential race right now and I am Clagged to the clown show, so this? This revisitation feels aggressively apt. The shit I had to go through to get this interview. You would think, mayhap, that K-Sorbs is not as busy as he once was. Not so! The market for proselytising evangelical dramas is apparently yuge and he’s not gonna let someone else star in every single one of them, no sir and/or ma’am. I eventually wound up pumping digital coins into some whacky fame-a-base so I could communicate with him, which, like the convention circuit and Japanese TV commercials, seems to be another sly little income stream for cadaverous celebrities.

Eventually, he did talk to me. To this day he wishes he hadn’t. He really does. Maybe it was the comically unflattering Skype screengrabs. Can’t be sure. All I know is, Hercules does not return my emails.





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  1. denisavn says:

    That’s a nice interview. With a twist!


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