INTERVIEW: Benicio Del Toro // AskMen [video]

Been writing in and around entertainment’s mouth for so long I wound up as AskMen’s entertainment editor for about two years there. It was a funny time. John Cleese told me some incomprehensible shit on speakerphone once. I talked to Dolph Lundgren about chicks and muscles. Then there was Benicio Del Toro. I am not shy about admitting that when we were dumb teens, my bestest bro and I saw Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, instantly ordained one another Raoul and Dr. Gonz respectively (he’s spindly and awkward, I’m swarthy and prone to sudden outbursts), and did a metric fuck-ton of drugs. This was also the first thing I said to Benicio Del Toro upon meeting him in the swankiest floodlit Sydney hotel room PR money can briefly rent.

And you know what? He was really concerned in a fatherly way. He leaned in and gripped my shoulder and wondered, “But you have read the book, right? You do get it, right? It’s about the Nixon administration,” and I lied and told him yeah, I’d never gotten lost in a turnstile because of the movie he was in. If you don’t like seeing my stupid face and my dumb fringe on camera, you can read the full transcript of our quite frankly ludicrous exchange over here.


Viva this man.

// @jane_tobes


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