FEATURE: Making Music with the Screams of Mental Patients, Rape Victims, and Kids // NOISEY

Circa middle of last year I made contact with a band out of Holland who used to be called Stalaggh, but are now called Gulaggh. More a nihilistic collective than a band, they don’t make actual music per se but uncomfortably dark soundscape trips into human misery. The “human misery” part is too real: All those screams are clandestine field recordings of mental patients, prostitutes, rape victims, and damaged kids losing their shit. This was my debut for VICE’s music channel Noisey, and I suppose, yeah, jumping through a house party window and announcing “I AM A HEADCASE” can work for some people. Wouldn’t recommend it, though. I find it pretty hard to make friends.

Toby McCasker NOISEY VICE Gulaagh

Check out the whole thing here. Careful in there. I had trouble sleeping for a while after this, and I’ve watched and enjoyed The Human Centipede. 



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