INTERVIEW: The Used’s Bert McCracken // Hysteria

Hysteria wanted to put The Used dude Bert McCracken and Parkway Drive man Winston McCall on the cover of issue #18 so they asked me, “Asshole, think of something.” Being a massive fucking genius I thought it’d be OK if we put Bert (who is tiny now he’s not a mad alcoholic anymore) in a shopping cart and made Winston (who is beefy now he’s still a good Aussie bloke) wheel him around a local supermarket. Afterwards Bert’s like, “You and me, let’s go to a bar and talk. I don’t drink anymore, but,” and he already had about five cigarettes already in his mouth and lit, “I do like to smoke.” Smoking is Bert McCracken’s sole remaining vice, and we real-talked through a haze of Stuyvesant for a long time about all kinds of everything. 

His wife Alison even showed up at one point and then went shoe shopping. Click these to make ’em big and beautiful:






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