FEATURE: Women of Cosplay Talk Sexism, Femininity, & Cookies in the Mail // IGN

The sexism discussion in video games (such as it is) can be so retarded I can’t stand it. Any ‘discussion’ whereupon two implacable agendas and a fantastic dose of immaturity collide is good for boosting the popcorn industry’s share price but not much else. I figured if anyone’s gonna have a seasoned perspective on chromosomal division in ‘geek’ culture, it’s gonna be near-naked ‘n fearless cosplay ladies like Ardella, Black Cat, and The Vixen Gamer. Naturally, the comments section on this thing is gnarly with sexless hobgoblins and their throwaway idiocy, although I did laugh a lot at “Stop sexualizing sex! – Feminism.”  Come on that shit is funny. This was for IGN.

Click your beautiful heart out to read the whole thing, hey.

Girls of Cosplay - IGN



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