INTERVIEW: Jeff Wood (Got Shot In The Head And Became Shat) // VICE

I went to LA one time and got talking to Joby Ford from The Bronx. Joby’s into art and stuff and I like that.  We were vibing on all his cool album covers when he mentioned the time he did two pieces for a guy called Shat. Shat only wanted like, bad photos of himself having sex with a blow-up doll everywhere, no rhyme or reason. “He got shot in the head, and survived, at a party in Hollywood,” Joby explained. “But he’s ‘off.’ He’s not right. It changed him as a man. His whole brain is centred around sex. That’s all he thinks about now. He released an album with 69 songs on it that were all about 10 or 20 seconds long, and it’s all about sex.”

And by god did I go and find Jeff ‘Shat’ Wood. This was for VICE. 

Read the whole mess over here. 

Jeff Shat Wood in Vice

Sorry mum.



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