FEATURE: I’ve Failed, I Must Kill Myself // Hyper

Samurai were such badasses. Look at these guys, they have swords and hair and everything. Video games and pop-culture at large like to portray only the warlike and ritualised aspects of them, though. In truth, if you were a samurai bro and there was no fighting going on, life was boring as shit. And you were poor. You’d have to breakdance at roadside inns for your rice hooch like in Samurai Champloo, and it’s not like anyone was regularly dropping fat beats back then. You’d be busting out sick headpsins to the tune of, IDK, cicadas having chitinous grinding intercourse in the reeds. I explored the reality versus the interactive fiction of these ancient cicada dancers for Hyper‘s Japan special last year, ably assisted by Professor Kevin Mulholland of the University of Michigan.

Actually, he dropped all the knowledge and I just sat there like a boob. I couldn’t really believe there was a guy out there who specialised in video game samurais. That is awesome.

Click ’em to make ’em big:

HYPERJPN2_Samurai pg1

HYPERJPN2_Samurai pg2



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  1. Sharp says:

    that’s just.. super cool


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