INTERVIEW: Periphery’s Misha Mansoor (On Video Games) // Hysteria

Bahahaha. Periphery had a new record out and who cares, you’re gonna like it anyway or hate it anyway. That’s music innit. So I thought, “Man I know how much of a titanic dorkola Misha is, let’s talk about video games for half an hour.” I’d just heard him give Final Fantasy VII the treatment, so we started there. I love Final Fantasy. Who doesn’t? People who have regular sex, probably. Naturally Chrono Trigger entered the frame (and warped it beyond recognition with bad choices in the past that rippled ever onwards into the future). Sorry, Wachowski people – Square did it in ’95 and they had a robot that popped ‘n locked.

This was for Hysteria #11. Click it to make it tremendously big and readable.

Hysteria_#11_periphery video games

How good is Misha Strife and/or Cloud Mansoor?

PS. Hung out with them at an arcade when they rolled through for Soundwave one year. Mark gave me a concussion with an air hockey puck. Sunglasses upside down.





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