INTERVIEW: Cook Suck // Acclaim


There are a lot of voices out there trying very hard to be heard, but only some of them are worth listening to. Most of these worthy voices belong to people who are just that. They aren’t writers or journalists or whatever per se, they’re beautiful and unique snowflakes. Individuals with bugs up their asses and an effortless turn of phrase, lot of the time. Most self-proclaimed writers would kill to be these people, because life is all about stories and they just see them in everything. Cook Suck is one such troubadour of the human condition, and he divines said condition through the entrails of all the fucking terrible meals you inflict on yourself before inflicting on everybody else. I interviewed him for Acclaim at the beginning of this year.

And I have since grown to enjoy his existence so much I even bought the t-shirt.


The whole vomitus story can be read over here.

Cook Suck sample interview


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