INTERVIEW: Parkway Drive’s Winston McCall // Hysteria

Parkway Drive dropped Atlas circa October last year and y’know, Parkway. It was a big deal for everyone so I had to get schooled on this thing good and early. A bizarro turn of events meant I ended up hearing the finished product before the rest of the band themselves – except for frontjacket Winston McCall who, he told me over some sick waters at a Newtown bar, had been left behind to give the OK to the final master while his brethren went travelling without him. Atlas marked Parkway’s tenth anniversary and I picked up some interesting sentiments from Jeff, Luke, Ben, and Pie Face later, but this was Winno Hour. He’s a big guy and he looks like Mr. Fantastic but with tatts and I don’t know what everyone’s deal is, I think his jacket is pretty good attire. This was Hysteria‘s cover story for #12.

A stand-up fellow. Pity I did the too-right-it’s-wrong thing when he started dishing it on other bands and turned the dicta off, ‘cos he clearly didn’t care. I know all your crappy little secrets, bindustry. Music is not cool. People in music are not cool. People around music are definitely not cool. Do not be fooled. Nothing matters but the riff. Winno is au fait with that, bless. I have got to stop referring to him as “Winno” it’s not a thing.

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  1. Coleen says:

    A bunch of wealthy boys that can afford to fly all over the world surfing the big waves and putting out filth in lyrics that talk about nothingness and death, all the while living the high life and not believing or caring a minute about what they are saying.

    This world doesn’t need any more “darkness”. It would be great if these wealthy surfing boys could share some of their “light”.


    1. evilinthecloset says:

      Don’t criticize what you don’t know shit about.


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