FEATURE: Bad Future :: Cyberpunk and Gaming // Hyper

There were some good things about the ’80s. Seriously man, there were. Okay maybe just one thing: Cyberpunk. Cyberpunk and Dragon. Excellent band. “Don’t you go out in the rain,” sang Dragon, but in cyberpunk there was never any place else to be. Perpetual night and drizzle and impossible cityscapes crowding the joeboys on street level with neon and Asia’s emergent cultural dominance; hackers wired from membrane to matrix and the nth extent of Noam Chomsky’s corpocracy paranoia taken beyond its most horrifying conclusion. Men, women, machines. The line gets blurry in amidst the slow end of the world. Tiny wonderment that video games love this shit almost as much as I do. This was for Hyper #220. 

And if I may be so bold, read William Gibson’s Neuromancer or you’re a jerk.

awww yeah

dooon't go oouuutt in the, pourrrring raaain



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