INTERVIEW: iwrestledabearonce’s Steven Bradley // Hysteria

This next band asked me not to read this but, god damn it, I’m going to read it anyway, because I wrote it, and it’s the truth: I. Fucking. Love. This. Band. They are the best band, ever – PERIOD. Ladies and gentlemen, Tenacio- iwrestledabearonce. Tastes Like Kevin Bacon is almost a better song than Master Exploder, absolute truth being communicated to you right now. Usually when I interview bands now I just don’t give a fuck. I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore, man. Who even am I? What is life? I do not know. Neither does one of The Bear’s guitarists – AND REPORTED MASTERMIND – Steven Bradley. 

Subsequently we fell instantly in love because we are exactly the same person except he’s a talented, successful musician and I’m just a dickhead. This was for Hysteria #12, and we liked Steve and his troll patrol so damn much we then went on to present their Australian tour (which was amazescrote, by all accounts, but I wouldn’t know that because I suck ass).


the bear the bear the bear



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