FEATURE: Diary of Some Tall Girls // triple j

Every year, triple j magazine puts out – ho ho, yes – a “sex” issue. Being government-funded triple j they don’t generally acknowledge 100% of my excitable pitches around this time of year (wise decisions all), but last year for issue #74 they did. I’m fascinated by most facets of the sex industry, most of all stripping. So I went and hung out with a whole bunch of really attractive chicks who ditch their clothes for cash. Personal narratives sensual, saddening, and even sanguine were spoken. 

Intredasting factoid: That monotone hardbody of fishnets and pay-per-view with her hat doffed to your cerulean nuts is a friend of an ex who thought it’d be hilarious to stalk me anonymously, post-breakup. Subsequently we became chums, and her story may or may totally feature in this feature.



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  1. Calum says:

    STOP WRITING AWESOME STORIES, you’re making the rest of us look bad.


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