FEATURE: Borderlands 2 // Hyper

Borderlands 2 fever is in the outer atmosphere right now and peeps are squee’ing. To squee is to shoot and loot and groot, I see. “Groot” is not a word but it’d still probably work in Words With Friends because that game is a bastard. A few months ahead of B2‘s release apropos, I was assigned to a saucy four-way with Gearbox guys Wes Parker, Brent Hollon, and Paul Hellquist for this cover story for Hyper #221. By “saucy” I mean “argh,” because trying to decode this trio of excitable developin’ men on a dictaphone that likes to not work properly sometimes was a lot of fun.

And also by “fun” I mean “Man-I-hope-I’m-not-putting-words-in-these-guys’-mouthes-I-mean-they-didn’t-really-just-say-I-was-beautiful-right?” Sometimes we hear what we want to hear.



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