FEATURE: God in a Pill // Corker

Earlier in the year I became subconsciously preoccupied with the concept of “god” and produced three different articles across three different publications that became The God Trilogy. This was the first, an investigative piece for Corker #4 (Summer Edition) that was supposed to explore the links between recreational drug use and spiritual transcendence. What I actually ended up doing was talking to a burnt-out hippie I found in Newtown and this ultra-wired young man who I’m pretty sure has spent the majority of his life in the Victorian bushland dancing and getting high with people from Israel.

Bizarrely, it all started to make some kind of poisonous sense after a while. Please to also be noting that fantastic custom artwork by Tane Williams – it’s hanging up in the Corker office, too.



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  1. Calum says:

    This was a really good read. Keep makin’ the words good T-dawg.


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