INTERVIEW: Cancer Bats’ Liam Cormier // Hysteria

Hysteria smashed Cancer Bats on the cover of issue #9, which meant hanging out with the most legitimate Canadian dude of all time, Liam Cormier. I don’t dislike the concept of an “interview,” per se, I just don’t like the manner in which a lot of peeps seem to think they should happen and subsequently manifest. Labels and all that feel it’s one big ad for their latest record/tour/whatevs; some writers just want to squish Wiki’s wisdom into balls of meh and throw it at their subject in a bid to inflict them with an impressive coma. Bollocks to both of those things. The best interviews I’ve ever read, particularly where music writing is concerned, are conversations; two rubes metaphorically (sometimes literally) shuffling around backstage, smokin’ and drankin’. This was exactly that.

What happens is, everyone chills out, speaks freely. You may notice, for example, that Liam pretty much drops that Alexisonfire reunion bombshell in this article – months before the band announced it. Throw away your questions.



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