COVER STORY: Dark Souls // Hyper

Hyper #1 came out in October of 1993. I was nine years old and I liked the look of Chun-Li on the cover and virtual sex? I’m nine and I’ve somehow seen The Lawnmower Man and I know what this is. I bought it with zeal every ish, and have a stack of these things dating back to the Dark Ages in a buckling plastic tub somewhere. Imagine my wigging outedness, then, when this debut for one of my formative mag experiences turned out to be a cover story.

Specifically, a cover story on Dark Souls and an accompanying interview with From Software director, Hidetaka Miyazaki, for #215. Hilariously, he answered the query “You were originally going to call this game ‘Dark Hole,’ why didn’t you?” with “Please omit this question.”



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