INTERVIEW: Suicide Silence’s Mitch Lucker // Hysteria

If you only read one random post from some guy on the internet who fancies himself a creative savant unfairly misunderstood and dismissed by an apathetic world, possibly make it this one. This was an interview with Suicide Silence vocalist Mitch Lucker for Hysteria #5. It was also the kind of interview I live for. I called Mitch at home, and not only was he stoned as fuck, he was watching that Will Ferrell dinosaur comedy thing, Land of the Lost. He’d periodically lapse into comatose quiet and then suddenly erupt into hysterics before lecturing me on the virtues of blaxploitation farce, Black Dynamite. Previous to this interview he’d hung up on me four times. One time he answered and he sounded like he was at a club and then pretended he was someone else and that he couldn’t hear me. “Sorry dude, wrong number, bad line.” He even made fake static noises. I love this guy.

Click them to engorge them with blood.

It begins.
It ends, mercifully.




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